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Testimonial: Bryony Mika

It is my pleasure to recommend Lucretia McCarthy who assisted me as my Doula for the birth of my second daughter. To have this support, knowledge and reassurance made such a difference and enabled me to have the natural birthing experience I wanted.

Lucretia’s support was highly beneficial on so many levels. Having Lucretia by my side was so reassuring – the genuine care, information, knowledge and understanding of my journey was fantastic.

Unfortunately, I had residual issues regarding the birth of my first daughter that Lucretia worked through with me and helped rid the feelings of disempowerment and confusion. This resulted in putting me in a more positive frame of mind for the pending labour of my second daughter.

During the various stages of labour, Lucretia gave me natural alternatives for induction and pain relief. This enabled me to avoid invasiveness of medical induction and manage the stages of labour without medicinal pain relief. I would not have managed this without Lucretia’s support.

The methods Lucretia suggested were completely unknown to me, and they made all the difference. For example, during the pre-labour stage I had terrible pain in my lower back and hips – I thought I was going to have to have an epidural. Lucretia explained that the pain was due to the baby turning to get into the correct position to be born and walking through the contractions would help this process. We walked around the streets and park and it really helped both physically and mentally.

During the labour and post-birth, Lucretia’s knowledge and consistent support was fantastic.

Luctretia’s methods of putting heat packs on my back and applying pressure to my hips enabled me to manage the contractions during the first stage of labour and I got into a great rhythm. I was also enormously reassured and bolstered by Lucretia’s support and encouragement during the pushing phase of the labour. After my daughter was born, Lucretia stayed for a number of hours and supported me through some minor medical procedures and her support continued for weeks.

The birthing experience of my second child was an extremely positive experience. I believe this enabled a quicker recovery and has left me feeling really empowered and proud of myself. I now feel that every woman needs a Doula and I can recommend Lucretia at the highest level.

Testimonial: Sunanda and Kaho

I cannot recommend Lucretia highly enough. I firmly believe my labour would have been totally different without her gentle, skilled guidance and that she helped me achieve a calm, empowering and safe first birth experience.

I really appreciated how generous Lucretia was with her time before the birth, answering all my questions during home visits and making herself available at all hours on the phone or online. In the final weeks of pregnancy, she checked in on me regularly, which really helped ease my nerves.

During labour, she helped support my husband and I by advising on different labouring positions, offering reassurance and answering our many questions about what was going on. Even just having her there to say “Yes, that is normal” was of enormous comfort to me. She offered massage, supported me physically during contractions and help us decide when to make the move to hospital. Having her there really took the pressure off my husband and freed him up to support me emotionally.

I firmly believe that because of the reassurance and guidance offered by Lucretia, I was able to do most of the labouring in the comfort of my own home and arrived at hospital relaxed and fully dilated. If it wasn’t for Lucretia, I probably would have gone to hospital too early and faced the prospect of being told to go home or having to do most of the labouring in an unfamiliar environment.

At hospital, Lucretia helped with different labouring positions, fetched towels, and offered encouragement and positive feedback when I needed it most. After the baby was born, she even fed me blueberries while I lay in bed recovering! She put in a long night’s work, staying by my side from 10pm til 5am.

After my baby was born, she paid two visits to me at home for an excellent debrief of the birth experience and offering newborn support.

Having Lucretia as our doula made our first birth experience a wonderful, relaxed and joyous one and I recommend her to anyone planning to have a baby.

Sunanda Creagh, Kaho Cheung and Millie Cheung